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Suzhou Yue Lake Residential Project

In 2006, XLD Group invested 1.5 billion yuan in a residential project “Yue Lake Villa” to build 3336 housing units. The project is located on ShaoAng Road in the heart of Suzhou City where the largest concentration of Suzhou-style buildings is found.

Built on a lot of 3,788,896 square feet (87 acres), the total construction area is 6,027,784 square feet, of which 5,059,033 square feet are residential and 861,112 square feet are commercial. Yue Lake Villa has an ecological design using a clever layout of high-rise, multi-story residential buildings and single family homes. Combined with appropriate layers of landscaping, the buildings form a beautiful skyline. The commercial properties are constructed in keeping with the flavor of cozy Suzhou Water Village style in the center of this community.

The roads are designed based on scientific research so as to improve driving experience and safety. The community is equipped with modern gym facilities, also planned using advanced design concepts and modern techniques, recognizing the importance of exercise and wellness for the residents.

The goal of Yue Lake Villa is to provide a convenient modern life style, yet full of historical heritage and harmonious coexistence with the environment.

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