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2700 E Foothill Blvd Suite # 305 | Pasadena, CA 91107

Shanghai XLD International Plaza

Shanghai XLD International Plaza is located in Putuo District. It occupies 1,076,390 square feet area and the construction building area is 4,843,755 square feet. Started with a total investment of 2.3 billion yuan in March 2003, it reached full operating status in late 2005.

As an upscale, fully-equipped large commercial plaza, Shanghai XLD International Plaza is home to department stores, home decoration shops, furniture stores, supermarkets, appliance retailers, and hotels, as well as hosting an auto dealership, real estate company, stock trading center, abundant personal services, entertainment center, and office rental.

XLD International Plaza focuses on a “human-oriented” design which blends a study of cognitive psychology and organizational behavior into best practices for customer care.

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