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Mianyang Jinjialin CBD Project

Mianyang Jinjialin CBD project is located in Mianyang, Sichuan’s second largest city, population 1.1 million. With a centralized location in the ChengDeMian industrial belt, the CBD project was appointed as a major investment project of the Western China International Fair in October 2009. CBD project is in the city’s only Economic Experimental Zone. Stage 1 covers an area of 8327.4 acres, with a Center City of 452.3 acres designed to accommodate thousands of companies’ headquarters. The plan developed a new urban area to attract a population of about 200,000. The CBD Center City also supports the Fucheng District Administrative Service Center, the “Bund” Financial Street, the headquarter city, five-star hotel and conference center, golf course, “Venice” commercial street, and high-end villa residential area.

Mianyang Jinjialin CBD consists of 75 office buildings with a total construction area of 2,152,780 square feet. The headquarter city also has a 0.62 mile long financial street and up to 1,076,390 square feet office space to accommodate the diverse and high-level need of a booming financial industry.

Jinjialin five-star hotel is designed to provide luxurious hotel, banquet, and conference center services. With a total construction area of 1,313,045 square feet and 532 rooms on 29.6 acres of land, it plans to become one of the most important commercial facilities for Mianyang and the surrounding areas. The hotel is expected to open in 2018. The adjacent golf course was officially opened in October 2013.

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