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Chengdu Longtan CBD Project

Chengdu Longtan CBD Project is the biggest cluster of commercial buildings in downtown Chengdu City. It is a 7.5 billion yuan project covering an area of 444.8 acres, with a construction area of 32,291,700 square feet. Longtan CBD can accommodate 1,600 enterprises with first-class facilities and professional property services. There is abundant social and living space to host 10 million people. Longtan project is a mix of residential and commercial properties including single-family houses, townhouses, mansions, a luxurious hotel, a conference center, shopping malls, high-end business clubs and other facilities.

Chengdu Longtan CBD has 71 office buildings (with a construction area of 1,722,224 square feet) and 162 Suzhou-garden-style townhouses (with a construction area of 934,177 square feet). The office building space has been completely sold out and is fully occupied.

Longtan Riverside Hotel is a 5-star hotel located in the city center of the CBD project. The hotel has 210 rooms covering a construction area of 517,624 square feet. An additional 180 rooms are located in the boutique inn of CBD project. With its extraordinary architecture, surrounding landscaping, and paved roads completed, the hotel opened for business in 2014 to immediate success.

Longtan Riverside Scenic Area is located in the heart of the Longtan River region, covering an area of 36.2 acres. After 4 years of diligent effort, this 2 billion yuan investment produced a recreational business district with 1,722,224 square feet of commercial space and a water area of 215,278 square feet along the 1.367 miles river bank. Longtan CBD is a complex of hotels, business clubs, boutique shops, restaurants, and bars.

Longtan Riverside gets downstream water from Dujiangyan, and has a picturesque layout of 3 islands with 23 bridges. It is also known as the “Along the River During the Qingming Festival” of Chengdu, based on the famous ancient painting of that name. To date more than 1.33 million tourists visited Longtan Riverside since its opening in April 26, 2013.

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